XSR900 7-Inch Headlight Conversion

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The ultimate lighting upgrade, the XSR900 7 Inch Headlight Conversion. Simple to install and completely plug and play.

Shown with the recommended XSR900 Gauge Relocation Kit.

DOT and/or ECE Compliant • MADE IN USA

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Completely transform the look and lighting performance of your bike with our XSR900 7 Inch Headlight Conversion. We’ve designed everything to be simple to install and completely plug and play. No cutting, splicing, or guesswork. 100% reversible and will not void your warranty.

The conversion brackets are machined in the US from US sourced aluminum and black anodized. The headlamp bucket is gloss black with your choice of Black, Brushed or Chrome outer ring.

This conversion does NOT require the removal of your top triple clamp!

What’s Included:

  • Complete Headlight Conversion Kit (all bracketry and various components, stainless hardware, and hex tools)
  • Choice of Headlight (Adaptive LED, Standard LED, or Halogen)

What’s NOT Included:

Headlight Options

Both of our motorcycle-specific LED headlamp options are made in the US and backed by a 5-year warranty. All options comply with DOT and/or ECE regulations for both right and left-hand travel. DOT for US, Canada, and countries that do not require ECE and travel on the right side of the road. ECE for all others – LHT = Left Hand Travel (ex. UK, Australia, Japan) and RHT = Right Hand Travel (most of the world). See this page for more info – DOT & ECE Explained

Adaptive LED
The Adaptive 2 is an advanced LED headlight specifically designed to increase your nighttime safety and comfort. Onboard intelligence senses the lean angle while cornering to dynamically fill the dark inside corner (see photo). Similar to our Evo S, this Adaptive headlight produces clean, clear, LED lighting like what is found in some of the most advanced automotive headlights on the market today. Available in a Black or Chrome Inner Bezel. DOT and ECE Approved (symmetrical pattern).

The STANDARD. Our Evo S LED features the super wide and smooth beam pattern low beam optics from the highly praised Adaptive LED, with a little extra output done by using the latest in LED tech. Ride into the darkest backroads with a high beam package that puts out an amazing amount of throw in combination with the low beam due to them both staying on. This combination creates the best of both worlds to keep you riding with plenty of light at speed. Never out-ride your light again. We finished the design off with a large, very bright, diffused front position optic to greatly increase your visibility to others on the road at all times. Only available with a Black inner bezel. DOT and ECE Approved (symmetrical pattern).

Simple and classic styling. Features a diamond cut reflector and clear glass lens with a bullet-shaped chrome bulb cover that captures 100% of the light beam and reflects it back onto the reflector then onto the road in the areas needed (not on ECE option). DOT approved model includes a 1-year warranty, ECE approved model includes a 3-month warranty. Add an LED bulb for more output!


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

2 reviews for XSR900 7-Inch Headlight Conversion

  1. I bought XSR 900 7 Inch Headlight Conversion – Standard LED!
    The size and balance of each part is the best design!
    Since the bucket is large for the wiring processing of the problem
    There was room, it was a very easy task!
    Also, the texture of the bracket is wonderful and I like it very much!
    In addition, here MOTODEMIC products can be ordered in Japan!
    When used in Japan, it is good to choose two of the headlight standards ECE and LHT at the time of purchase!
    Reviews by xsr900nori

    私はXSR900 7 Inch Headlight Conversion – Standard LEDを買いました!
    レビューby xsr900nori

  2. paulwlotz (verified owner)

    Simple to install just pay attention to what you’re doing. Also, thread lock, yes it’s necessary. Mock it up like they show in their install vids then blue thread lock, gel is the way to go. Anyway, it changes the entire look of the bike’s beak . I took out the xsr900 last night with the new candle and bucket hooked up. It’s like driving my truck with PIAA bars and lights. The lean in and out gyros work so well it’s nuts. I hated riding riding around here at night. The whitetails are just mental and will leap out at any hint of light and if you don’t have a 180 degree view perpendicular to the bike, or car, you might as well just go to the zoo and start riding in the exhibits. “Goulet!, nature”. Now I have more confidence at night but never push it. If you have the means I highly recommend one.
    -I also installed the fly screen and gauge relo kit. One word, sick.

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