Job Opportunities

MOTODEMIC has been thriving since March 2015 and is located in Tracy California, just east of the San Francisco Bay Area. As we grow, we are looking to expand our team and give others an opportunity to be apart of something awesome.


Operations & Shipping Manager

Full Time

The Operations & Shipping Manager is responsible for one of the most critical components of the business – Making sure the products we sell leave the facility correct and on time. This is a demanding and diverse role that includes a mix of administrative tasks, inventory planning, purchasing, packaging goods, and shipping orders. The ideal candidate would have experience working in a warehouse environment and be mechanically inclined.


Paid Intern

Part Time / Full Time

We all have to start somewhere right? The Intern is responsible for filling just about any void where necessary. Attitude and personality can take this position into just about any facet of the business. Show up on time, do whats asked, and have an open mind to learning new things will get your far.

If you would be awesome for any of the above positions and you want to join our team. Fill out the form below and attach your resume. Must be within commuting distance of Tracy, CA. Serious Inquiries only.

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