We sell a variety of parts that we make and source from different vendors. We do everything we can to only offer the best quality for the price components on the market, products we can stand behind and use on our own motorcycles. Because we do not have 100% control over every single item we sell, the warranty varies on different items. See each breakdown below and note that a product’s source may or may not be listed when sold as a “Kit”, “Conversion”, “Bundle”, or any other term for a grouping of products sold under one SKU.


Covered by a lifetime limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship. If we determine that the defective part or problem is a result of manufacturing, your parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


  • Damage resulting from installation error, impact, accidents, mishandling, or abuse (dents, crushing, knocks or blemishes).
  • Fading finish as a result of long term exposure to sun or heat.

JW Speaker

Covered by a five (5) year limited warranty.

J.W. Speaker’s Warranty Policy does NOT allow claims resulting from the following conditions:

  • Abuse, neglect, and damage
  • Modifications and alterations
  • Improper installation
  • Chemical exposure (e.g. cleaning solutions)
  • Voltage transients, spikes, and over-voltage
  • Naturally occurring phenomena such as condensation & corrosion

Visit jwspeaker.com/warranty-exclusions for more details.


No warranty.


Warranty is handled on a case by case basis.

Dart Flyscreens

No warranty.

Cyclops Adventure Sports

LED bulbs – Covered by a one (1) year warranty.

To submit a warranty claim, please contact us via phone, 209-346-7433, or email, hello@motodemic.com. Typically the customer is responsible for shipping the product or item back to MOTODEMIC for warranty review and processing. It is your responsibility to pack the item(s) well and we recommend adding insurance the shipment.

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