HEADLIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT :: We received the initial batch of LSL headlights to process and ALL of them have scratched/scuffed lenses. Working with a different supplier, we found a nearly identical headlight that is the same quality, costs less, and looks better! winwin Switching over allows us to offer a better price to the customer and […]

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LED Headlight

7 Inch LED Headlight by Motodemic

Beginning the process of developing a LED headlight option to offer with our kits. Started with a sleek bullet style bucket and shoehorned a 7 inch LED light assembly inside.

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Motodemic Single Headlight Conversion

Test fit one of the production pieces for the SingleHeadlightConversion – Low. Pulled the trigger on a last minute design change. The bracket conforms to the top clamp and ignition much cleaner, giving much more space for the cables and wiring.

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Street Triple Single Headlight - Bar Mount

The feedback and number of pre-orders we have received thus far is better than we could have ever expected. THANK YOU! Parts installed: [unordered_list style=”tick”] Single Headlight Conversion Kit Aero Headlight [/unordered_list]

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Smart Design

Motodemic Triumph Street Triple Single Headlight Conversion

Motodemic Single Headlight Conversion uses specially designed brackets that DON’T require removal of the top triple clamp. Prototype brackets shown, final product will be billet aluminum anodized black.

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