Moto Guzzi LED Headlight Upgrade

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The ultimate lighting upgrade for your Moto Guzzi. Simple to install and completely plug and play.

Known Compatibility:

  • V7 & V7II including Cafe, Racer, Special, and Stone (V7III requires new Headlight Brackets)
  • Bellagio 940
  • Griso 8V

DOT and ECE Approved (symmetrical pattern) • MADE IN USA

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Moto Guzzi LED Headlight Upgrade by Motodemic

Upgrade the lighting performance of your Moto Guzzi V7/V7II (Cafe, Racer, Special, and Stone), V7III requires new Headlight Brackets, Bellagio 940, or Griso 8V with the Motodemic LED Headlight Upgrade. This “drop-in” design installs into your factory headlight brackets in less than 15 minutes. We’ve designed everything to be simple to install and completely plug and play. No cutting, splicing, or guesswork. 100% reversible and will not void your warranty.

In order to be a simple upgrade, we use our Flat Headlight Housing that seamlessly fits into the stock headlight brackets. This pre-assembled headlight housing has been finished in a sleek semi-matte black finish that resists fingerprints and is durable to last. With the outer ring available in matching Black or Chrome. Also, the Headlight housing and ring are metal, not plastic like the OEM headlight. You have the option of either the Evo S or Adaptive premium LED units that are also made in the US.

What’s Included:

  • Headlight Housing (pre-assembled)
  • Choice of Headlight (Adaptive LED or Standard LED)

Headlight Options

Both of our LED headlamp options are made in the US by JW Speaker, one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world and backed by a 5-year warranty. DOT and ECE Approved for all directions of traffic (symmetrical pattern).

Adaptive LED
The Adaptive 2, our most advanced LED Headlight. Designed by JW Speaker to specifically increase your nighttime safety and comfort. Onboard intelligence senses the lean angle while cornering to dynamically fill the dark inside corner (see photo). Similar to our Evo S, this Adaptive headlight produces clean, clear, LED lighting like what is found in some of the most advanced automotive headlights on the market today. Available in a Black or Chrome Inner Bezel

The new STANDARD. Our Evo S LED features the super wide and smooth beam pattern low beam optics from the highly praised Adaptive LED, with a little extra output done by using the latest in LED tech. Ride into the darkest backroads with a high beam package that puts out an amazing amount of throw in combination with the low beam due to them both staying on. This combination creates the best of both worlds to keep you riding with plenty of light at high speed, never out ride your light again. We finished the design off with a large, very bright, diffused front position optic to greatly increase your visibility to others on the road at all times. Available in a Black or Graphite Inner Bezel.

Known Compatibility:

  • V7 & V7II including Cafe, Racer, Special, and Stone (V7III requires new Headlight Brackets)
  • Bellagio 940
  • Griso 8V

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  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Having had dual headlights on my last few bikes I was a little disappointed with the output on the V7ii, even after adding a PIAA lamp. I looked for LED upgrades but they had mixed reviews or fitment problems. None were model-specific and plug-and-play like the Motodemic unit. After a few emails back and forth with Brad, the non-adaptive unit was sent to me and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, it is an expensive upgrade, but quality necessarily is. Being able to see antlered beasts way ahead on the roadsides that I couldn’t see with the previous halogen setup: priceless. Not having to worry about my one and only low beam blowing out at NIGHT, which is the ONLY time that will happen, at least to me, forcing me to finish the ride with the high beam on and oncoming drivers flashing me is another huge plus for me. An additional huge benefit is the reduced running wattage which saves me a load of sparse watts that I’d rather apply to my heated gear! My bike is now 100% LED stem to stern.

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