Dual Round Headlight LED Upgrade for Triumph

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Dual Round Headlight LED Upgrade for Triumph Models by Motodemic

This upgrade includes two LED units that directly replace the poor performing reflector units in your stock buckets. No modifications or wiring necessary. Completely plug and play.

Available in our Evo S and Adaptive to suit your budget and night time riding needs.

DOT & ECE Compliant • MADE IN USA

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Dual Round Headlight LED Upgrade for Triumph Models by Motodemic

A premium Dual Round Headlight LED Upgrade for Triumph Street Triple (round lights only), Speed Triple (round lights only), Rocket III, and Thunderbird. This upgrade directly replaces the poor performing reflector units in your stock buckets with premium LED units that are made here in the USA by JW Speaker. The LED units pack some of the best optics and lighting technology available and are a massive improvement over the stock headlights, without blinding other drivers on the road.

Available in our Evo S or Adaptive to suit your budget and night time riding needs. Both variations are completely plug-and-play, require no modifications or wiring.

Headlight Options

Both of our LED headlamp options are made in the US by JW Speaker, one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world and backed by a 5-year warranty. DOT and ECE Approved for all directions of traffic (symmetrical pattern).

Adaptive LED
The Adaptive 2, our most advanced LED Headlight. Designed by JW Speaker to specifically increase your nighttime safety and comfort. Onboard intelligence senses the lean angle while cornering to dynamically fill the dark inside corner (see photo). Similar to our Evo S, this Adaptive headlight produces clean, clear, LED lighting like what is found in some of the most advanced automotive headlights on the market today. Available only with a Black Inner Bezel (shown).

The new STANDARD. Our Evo S LED features the super wide and smooth beam pattern low beam optics from the highly praised Adaptive LED, with a little extra output done by using the latest in LED tech. Ride into the darkest backroads with a high beam package that puts out an amazing amount of throw in combination with the low beam due to them both staying on. This combination creates the best of both worlds to keep you riding with plenty of light at high speed, never out ride your light again. We finished the design off with a large, very bright, diffused front position optic to greatly increase your visibility to others on the road at all times. Available in a Black or Graphite Inner Bezel.

Headlight Specs:

  • DOT and ECE Approved
  • Color Temperature: 5000K (daylight)
  • Lens Type: Polycarbonate
  • Power Draw (each unit): 24.7 watts on low 41.6 watts on high
  • 5-year Warranty



  • Remove headlight retaining ring using a Philips screwdriver
  • Remove halogen unit, unplug headlight, and remove parking light
  • Remove parking light bulb, plug in parking light (red wire aligns with yellow wire), plug in headlight
  • Install LED unit and headlight retaining ring
  • Repeat on the other side

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 7 in

2 reviews for Dual Round Headlight LED Upgrade for Triumph

  1. joshua (verified owner)

    These lights are fantastic. I have one standard and one adaptive, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Yes they are pricey, but they are worth every penny! Takes a few minutes to install, and totally plug & play. Low beam is similar to HIDs in projectors, and the LEDs are instant on (no heat up time). The high beams are insanely bright! I ride a lot at night, on the way home from work, and I will never go back to halogen lights on my Speedy.

  2. gerhard0217

    So like Joshua, I opted for one adaptive and one standard lamp (yeah we’re cheap bastiches.) Because I live in the States, I opted to put the adaptive lamp in the right bucket, and the standard lamp in the left bucket. Those who ride on the left side of the road might want to switch these. Mine are installed in a Triumph Thunderbird Storm, but would also fit the Rocket III or the older Speed Triple with the round bucket lamps.

    Right away, the build quality is spot on. The lights are pre-wired by Motodemic both for the headlamp itself and the marker light. You do need to make sure the marker connector is oriented so that it connects to the yellow wire (ground is handled thru the regular harness). If you never use the marker light, or have it wired to something else such as a neon kit, then you can leave it disconnected here, tape over the lead to keep things tidy, and tuck it behind the lamp assembly itself.

    Install was, well not QUITE a snap, but close. Triumph headlamp retainers are a bit snug, so you really do need to make sure that it’s flush with the light and the bucket all the way ’round, else you won’t have enough reach to thread the retainer screws. Other than that… why pay your bike mechanic the shop rate? Put it in yourself! The Motodemic guys have made it foolproof.

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