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  1. @bartonbrett playing with the location for the clip-on setup. I think people that run clip-on will most likely need the top triple clamp clear to run a steering damper like @jakeyjake85.

  2. You guys should look into making a mount for your front turn signals up by the headlight. I did it on my str. Came out nice in my opinion.

  3. @jakeyjake85 I know what your talking about, never used them when the LSL kit was installed. I’ve been kicking around the idea of incorporating them back in.

  4. @jakeyjake85 I’ll have a prototype printed Friday. Working with some local metal manufacturers to get the pricing of all this stuff sorted out. We’ll have individual parts available.

  5. I like this gauge set up better personally even though I will be running stock bars/risers. Creates a flusher, neater look with the head light.

  6. @bartonbrett this setup is only compatible with the cafe style headlamp. A big downside to this setup when used with bars is the cables, they run right in front of the cluster (worse than stock) blocking a clear view. Either way will be available for purchase!

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