Low Cluster Mount

Motodemic Triumph Street Triple Single Headlight Conversion

The concept behind this was to accommodate those who run clip-ons. During development we found there to be a couple hiccups when moving the controls down nearly 4 inches. ABS model Street Triples have an issue with the front brake and clutch lines binding up. We are going to develop the kit to address these issues and see if there is interest for it in the market place.

Pre-orders for Street Triple and Speed Triple Single Headlight Conversion – Low are now up.

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  1. @soagun we plan on selling the ones from @apexmfg, very well designed and no top clamp removal necessary for installation.

  2. @jakeyjake85 thanks! I’ll get the brake line sorted out, I’ve got a couple ideas. I think the Daytona line is too pricey.

  3. We were able to use the stock brake lines with our Speed Triple R custom builds. We also used our 3″ riser clipons.

  4. @apexmfg yeah the riser makes all the difference. Since the brake line runs back to the ABS module, and is a hardline for most of that journey. there isn’t anywhere for the excess line to go.

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